Sometimes people get bored when sticking indoors or while they are doing the same routine every day. It is worth to have some fun with doing several things to light up your life.



You should learn some new skills. You have a package of friends, and there is a chance that your friends may know some skills of which you don't know anything about it. Therefore, you should take up your time and plan every skill new skill to someone and start to learn while you have the teacher. All your friends' will be having fun since, some might know how to bake while others may know how to make a dress, some may know how to make flowers out of papers while some may have the skill of pottery painting. You can do much by leaning a new skill with a group of friends.


You can organize to have a party but if you do not have money you should ask everyone to come with their dish to share. Having fun with friends by sharing the meals together is sweet. It will be a party, and it will not cost that much.


You can choose to read the book for fun. You might need to stay indoors of which book reading can be fun indoors. You can include that after all of you have read the book, and then each will share the review of the book they read with the group of friends you will know several books in one day. Check this website!


You can decide to watch a movie together for some time. You may choose to follow up a series or just other films arranged in order. It will keep you, and the friends thrilled the whole time you have chosen for the movies. You will never get bored if your friends like watching movies. However, you should consider the type of movies your friends like hence choosing the film together, and it will add more fun together. If you want to learn more fun activities, visit


Some of your friends might have the more pounds; therefore, you should have fun by hitting the gym or having some workouts. Even though you do not have the excess weight, then you will enjoy the moment since it is a way of controlling your body mass and it will keep your mind engaged which is the best since it keeps you from the boredom.



You should try to volunteer to your friends and enjoy having fun with the voluntary work. You can visit children's home and have fun together as you do some of the cleanings.